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Twenty-One Things

  1. Take care of the people that raised you.
  2. Now is the right time, and it’s never too late.
  3. Luck usually comes from being well-prepared.
  4. Create more than consume.
  5. Plan one step ahead, reflect two back.
  6. Be kind just for the heck of it.
  7. Work like it’s the last thing you’ll be remembered for.
  8. Under-promise, over-deliver.
  9. Don’t expect generosity.
  10. Respect your health.
  11. Curate a list of favorites.
  12. Think, think, then think again before speaking.
  13. But don’t overthink to the point of anxiety.
  14. Letting go is hard and it takes waves.
  15. Burning bridges will leave you stranded.
  16. Meet new people once in a while.
  17. Don’t let ego control you.
  18. Opinions are built on fact — not the other way around.
  19. Learn to understand how others feel.
  20. Out there, somebody cares for you.
  21. Grow up to become a person you admire.