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Make Yourself At Home

Drive down the lane. Park parallel to the sidewalk. Step out of the car. Walk to the front door, knock and step inside. Imagine seeing the inside of a house built by a master woodsman, looking at the intricate, carved details on the doors, nuances between cabinets, and the evenly-spaced, meticulously placed wooden floor.

Stepping inside such a house would be no different to stepping inside that woodsman’s mind, a tangible vision by which you can walk through, explore, and understand how the woodsman thinks and feels.

The same can be said for tasting a chef’s own staple meal, or by lounging on a furniture designer’s own work chair. Browsing a website by a web developer is by no means any different.

What you’re reading here is a reflection of myself, a collection of my inner thoughts, feelings and ideas of both new and old. I’ve grown up with my site, and my site has grown along with me, too. It’s been half a dozen years since I first built it up — and I hope to keep building it up for the many dozens of years that will follow.

The articles are my cabinets; nuanced views into myself, and my work — the foundation of it all — is my wooden floor. The front door is your screen — open and welcome for all. So come in. Step inside.

Make yourself at home.