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Eighteen Things

  1. Your best work is improvised.
  2. Be meticulous, be methodical.
  3. Praise first, criticise second.
  4. Anger doesn’t solve anything.
  5. Never be the smartest person in the room.
  6. You only ever learn from your mistakes.
  7. Nothing beats an empty afternoon.
  8. A good reward is one you don’t expect.
  9. Don’t fear boredom.
  10. Emotion is tangible.
  11. Grow old, but never grow up.
  12. Have a hobby.
  13. Set goals, and always have a backup plan.
  14. Lying gets you nowhere.
  15. It’s okay to feel alone.
  16. Charisma is a marketing technique.
  17. Be grateful.
  18. Lists are easier than essays.