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How to be a ‘good’ designer

  1. Think basic. Don’t hit the ground running. Start slow, and work your way up.
  2. Work. Don’t waste time. If you do, make it up. Make sure everything you work on is fruitful.
  3. Go away. Leave. Come back with fresh eyes. See things like you’ve never seen them before.
  4. Iterate. Repeat. Do the things that work great over and over again. Refine. Realign. Redefine.
  5. Appreciate your own. Know what’s good. Know what’s bad. Know what works. Know what doesn’t.
  6. Help. Communicate. With others, with yourself, with your work, and through your work.
  7. Lastly, learn. Be curious. Be a student. Ignore the unnecessary, thirst for the needed.

Follow these steps. Listen to these clichés. Be a better designer.