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The Fall of Apple

Not Really.

There was a press release earlier today about Steve Jobs resigning from his position, as the CEO of Apple Inc. He also stated that the former Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook, will be leading the company as the new head of Apple.

And thus begins the rumors of “Apple’s doom” and such.

Actually, if you had the time to think about it, nothing will change after this. Steve Jobs will still be a part of Apple, and to be honest, Tim Cook’s the one running around Apple Headquarters managing everything in there.

A quote from Ben Brook’s article which he wrote earlier today:

The unfortunate truth of the situation is that Jobs has had a very diminished role in Apple for the past several years while he battled various health issues. Cook has been Jobs’ go to guy doing this entire period — Cook has been running Apple a lot lately.

He’s right. Will anything change?

Brooks again:

Not much, mostly titles would be my guess.