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The App Store

No, no. Not the iPhone one. Not the iPad one either. I’m talking about the one on the Mac. That’s right. It’s on the Mac now.

But first of all;

What is this ‘App Store’? I’ve been wondering the same question, when I first heard about it on the iPhone. Is it some website with a collection of apps? Or is it a program that takes you into this virtual store? (Kind of like a game.) No, the App Store, is not one of them, but both.

Imagine a world, where you had to go through countless websites, or digging through search results, looking for an app that does exactly what you want, i.e. like a recipes program, and yet it takes you a whole lot of hours, and even more, just to download it. It’s horrible. (A lot of other people do so, but sometimes, when you search and dig through stuff on the internet, you might read on some interesting stuff, like this tumblr blog, but getting back to the point…)

The ‘App Store’ takes away all that fuss. It’s like a virtual store where they sell virtual stuff. It’s like a supermarket, but on the computer. It’s like a… (we get it already.)

Well anyway, the App Store launch on the iPhone pulled a great amount of consumers to the iPhone. It did the same for the iPad. And now, how will it work out on the Mac?