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Hello, I’m Carlos!

About Me

I’m a designer who makes icons, interfaces and websites. I also produce videos and work as a tech consultant for companies. In my spare time, I teach people how to design and code.

While I’m not working, I study computer science and maths. I’m also taking an exclusive entrepreneurial degree at Monash University. In other words, I’m one of the few students chosen to learn leadership and business skills on top of a traditional science course.

I also co-founded Infinifty — a startup that aims to help communicate complex science issues through insanely fun card games.

Companies I’ve worked with

Envato, Bohemian Coding, Itty Bitty Apps, River SRL, Art Processors, 8Fit, Collective Campus, Calibre, Futureye and many more…

Work availability

I’m currently unavailable for work. However, feel free to send me an email.

Elsewhere on the web

Find me sharing bits of my design process on Twitter and Dribbble, writing code on GitHub and taking photos of neat stuff on Instagram. You can also view my resumé on LinkedIn.

About the site

This site’s my humble little abode on the information superhighway — thanks for stopping by!

This tenth major version is built on top of Jekyll and set in a typeface called Mallory. You can view the source code for it on GitHub.

This site started about the same time I started high school. I learned to code because I’ve always wanted to build myself a website. 8 years later, it’s still here — and I’m still blogging about films, science, tech and design (literally anything I can geek out on).